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A What?????
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Allright guys im a a few things got great answers so far....but here is a great question for you all.....what they hell are all these abreviations lol... i have no clue....most start with E's lol EEC ETC and all the other ABC's...i try to stay on top with reading this site everyday..iv read back to the over 100days ago postings.....and when i see those thigns im like DUHHHH!!!! so help please i need to learn lol....Tanx Kevin

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A few quick ones:
  • * EEC or ECA - Electronic Engine Control Computer Assembly
    * EATC or ECC - Electronic Climate control or Temperature control, it was an option, and your car may not have it
    * BCS - Boost Control Solenoid, if open, (energized,) allows your car to get more boost.
I think most are listed in the FAQ.

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Go to the FAQ page and right above the grid chart of topics is a link to an acronyms and abbreviations list. Study hard grasshopper, quiz in the morning [Image: biggrin.gif] Also in the FAQs under the "Engine " column is an article on Sensor and Device locations. Many of the acronyms are for sensors and other thing under the hood of the car.

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Thanks guys i appreciate it....its wierd i never even thought of the faqs page.....i want to star from scrath and biuld form the ground up a 87-88 tc but yeah right like that will happen......but i need a tc again trying to find onebut havnt found one to suit me yet...i think im being to picky lol...thanks again guys

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