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A real puzzler ??
hey guys i picked up my Second Tbird (see my sig) today, and i finally got a chance to drive a standard TC.

Anyway heres my Question / dilema.. I get in the Car and it spools up incredible fast, Past 18 psi on stock gauge. (It has a stock bcs) But this is what i dont understand is the Intercooler to TB is split, and it still spools and doesnt bog crazy. but it smokes black At high boost levels... So it will run rich When the boost air (which is metered Escapes past the Broken hose) But it still doesnt explain why it boosts past 5 or so. car has 130 K miles looks in decent shape.

88 TC Auto, 3" exhaust, with 3" flowmaster. Gutted Cat KN cone gillis boost custom spoiler
Comming Soon 3" Downpipe Air water IC a t5 swap, Ground effects

87 TC 5spd, stock, Comming soon glasspacks, and a bleeder set at 18 psi

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It all depends on how large the leak area is as to how much boost/airflow will be lost.
I've personally had hoses that were mispositioned hold anywhere from 3 to 12 psi, dependig on ho far of they were. change the hose and don't worry about it. Congratulations on the new acquisition - enjoy.

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and jack rails.
Pete Dunham


Thanks pete, Ur probably right but the problem, is the hose shouldnt hold more than 5 psi in the state its in and it hits 18psi of boost by like 3000 rpm

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Icefire - throw some 100 unleaded in there and let it boost away.. [Image: biggrin.gif] (I had to..)

Whne I got that car I put new vacuum lines on the BCS as the old ones were rotten and the one had fallen off.. Maybey I put one of them on wrong and the wastegate isn't opening properly [Image: confused.gif] I watched how they went carefully and was sure I didn't muck it up, but...


Steve Ruston
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I curious as to whether you have ever run your auto TC in the quarter. If so, what kind of times did you get? I have the same basic car, minus the 3" exhaust.


No Schlodes i Checked the vac lines, and even blocked the line going to the BCS meaning that it should limit the boost to 9 psi, but it goes past 24 (.5 inch past 18) on stock guage, and blows the IC off each time.

Hawk I never ran my Auto in the quarter, mainly because im concerned about launching with the a4ld tranny, It should be around 220 horsepower right now. (15s) But I dont know for sure.

Oh i replaced the Split hose and i didnt really improve the problem because the wasegate actuator is stuck, as I said it boosts past 23. ( It would be great if i had an alchohol injection system)

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