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A note on Koni front struts
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My car came with a complete set of NOS Koni reds in the trunk when I bought it.. I put the rear 4 on over the winter but decided to let a trusted local alignment shop do the fronts this spring after the car was out of storage. Well, today I dropped off the car and had them installed..

The note is about the front strut nuts.. The factory Ford strut nuts will not fit the Koni struts.. If you are putting Konis on and do not have the nuts that came with the Konis, you'll need to find some 16 x 1.5 metric nuts for them.

Auto parts stores won't have them and the 2 hardware stores in my town didn't have them. (they had 16x2.0)

I found them at a place called "Fastener Warehouse" in Portsmouth New Hampshire for $.50 cents each.. They saved the day Smile

Car is back to nice and firm in the front end again.

I had them set the alignment at -.75 camber in the front (they were straight up from the last owner) and the car feels better.. not so darty on the highway, but still great turn in.
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