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A little concern with my 88 TC
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Hello Everyone, First I would like to say that you have all been very helpful to me with my 88 TC, tons of exellent information here!!!

I drive a 1988 Turbo Coupe (102K miles) Only mod to date is a new fuel pump and K&N cone.

My issue started one morning, I pulled into work and noticed that my car was "throwing up", I moved it from the parking garage to the parking lot and parked it there (I watched the temp guage and it did not get hot). I came out at lunch to investigate the issue and found the lower water line from the turbo had rotted and busted. That was not a big deal since I have a T3 to put on the car and I need to re-run the lines anyway. My concern is, there was oil also leaking with the water, and after I got the car home and removed the turbo, lines and exhaust, I noticed that the water line is saturated in oil.

Could the turbo have cracked and oil leaked into the water line or is it possible the block cracked internally (since the oil return line is just to the right of the water line) and oil is seeping into the water line. I have checked the oil and there is no water in the oil, however the oil was 2 quarts low. I have not been able to drain the water yet to check it.

I would like to just build a new engine for the car, but I cant afford that.
Any advice/suggestions?
Thank You

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Matt, welcome to the board.
Any chance the oil return line was loose and leaking at the flange on the bottom of the turbo or the return line is leaking some where else?

I have heard of a couple cases where a cracked turbo was suspected but I don't know if they were confirmed. Assuming the block has never been apart, or frozen, I would look for another cause before suspecting an internal block crack.
Pete Dunham


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Yes actualy the flange appeared to be saturated and looked to be extremely "leaky". I didn't think about it because I did remove one of the flange bolts while the turbo was still bolted on, but I do recall that it was very "oily" when I removed the first bolt. When I removed the IC there was oil in the IC also, as well as the compressor side of the turbo (anyone want to buy a cheap turbo : ) Just kidding), I think this little guy will be going on "the wall".

I asked a few friends who also told me it is extremely unlikely for the block to crack in that specific location, but it bothered me enough I just had to ask here to see if this was a "known" issue.

The block (to my knowledge) has never been apart, I bought the car 4 months ago, and the seller told me that he had just had the head redone due to a blown head gasket, but he said the lower end has never been touched, and apeared to be in "tip-top" shape visually. Just to be safe, I did a compression test and all cylinders were an equal 120 compression. I also did the "regular" tune up on the car immediately, and the oil was very clean for a 100K car.

Once I get it back together, I will let you know how its doing. I am ordering the exhaust parts this week, and puting 3" all the way back.

Thank You Pete for the assistance,
I look forward to talking with everyone and picking up some knowledge along the way

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Oil in the ic and turbo isn't much concern since the breather connects there and oil vapor can cool and pool. My vote is for the oil return flange/gasket and probably a little oil feed leak as well. Sprey it down with carb cleaner and then wipe it all clean the best you can and find out where it's from if those aren't it.

I think there's many other things to start with than a cracked turbo or block. I would think those things come with lots of smoke. No sense in gettin' yourself all worked up just yet!
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