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A/F Meter - New gague with 4 LEDs vs Bargraph
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Hey Guys,

I found this A/F meter that uses 4 LED's to indicate the mixture instead of the other gagues that fluctuate. I would like your opinions on this item before I look into purchasing it. Looks like it might be a cool looking install in the instrament cluster. Here is the link to the site -

Let me know what you think & if this will work on your cars. Thanks.

Tony Sceia
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Now I need to finish converting to Raven/Gray Leather interior & just do some Body work & she'll be like new.
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All depends on what you want.... if all you want to see is if A/F is rich at WOT, the 4 LED one will work fine. Personally, I like the "full range" A/F meter for troubleshooting purposes..... easy to see when open/closed loop transition occurs, 02 switch rate, etc.

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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I like the full range meters better. It drives the passengers crazy and it's like a flashback to my college days [Image: biggrin.gif]
Pete Dunham


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It's also fun when an officer of the law pulls up next to you and you can see them craning their neck for a better look as they wonder WTF those flashing lights are... [Image: biggrin.gif]

Joe F.

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"The bars were dim, small, and there was not enough color distinction between the yellow and green indicators. I wanted something easy to read, that I could mount directly in front of me, or read by color out of the corner of my eye. Plus, 70% of the bargraph is supplying useless information. It just distracts you from the important info."

yeap, with one led you don't know if your screwed until it's too late. it's nice do to size though.

i want this instead!

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I have the Dawes' meter on my car right now, and like 'menace said, the main if not only thing it really has going so far is its packaging potential.

As for accuracy, I have no idea. After I first installed it, I was emailing back and forth with Darren on how to get the damn thing to read properly. All I have ever gotten was a red light, with the meager exception of one, and only one, full-throttle blast a few months ago. And this is with 42psi base fuel pressure, an extra injector tripping on at ~15psi boost, at least 92 octane, and no knocking...

All my connections are soldered, and my O2 sensor appears to be in good condition.

Although this sounds like a whole lot of trashing, I'll see how it does after I throw a new sensor in (it's about due for one) and install the new fuel pump. So take this however you'd like, I'm just throwing out some data...


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