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A different headlight solution.
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Like most 87-88 TC owners I could barely see the road at night. My headlights were useless. I saw Kev's headlight solution but I don't have the talent, money or time to do something like that. I contacted over 15 companies local and internet including several auto restoration companies, the end result nobody could help. It appears that our 88 headlights are too deep to be re-chromed. So I decided to make my own basically all I needed was a reflector that would fit in the TC headlight pod. After about 3 hrs searching in the boneyard finally a donor headlight off a 96 Mercury Sable same basic shape as our pods just needed some triming. After cleaning the lens with a 3M lens restoration kit and a little work with a dremel tool on the Sable lens. I think it came out pretty good. I took the car down to the local inspection station to check height and pattern( don't want to blind anyone) perfect!
Now I just need to do the other side.
Take a look and tell me what you think!!!!
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great idea, always wanted to do that with my rangers euro clear buckets and make a clear lens.
maybe you can do a write up for the site! an alternative to the the other DIY headlight solutions
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Can you post pictures when you make the other one. It looks great and fixes a major problem
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That looks great. Can you give a few more details of the project? Thanks.
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That is a great fit and looks awesome, but like the others I think you should do a tech article on this and post it here.
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Anyone try just lining the original reflectors with some reflective mylar? :dunno:
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