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A couple questions, I may have some bugs.
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With the addition of my new T-bird, I think I have a couple bugs I searched around but couldn't find answers to some of these.

My oil pressure gauge is almost always near pinned to the top with a little movement, I don't know if this is normal for this car but I assume it is as it keeps a maintained pressure.

My temperature gauge says my car is running pretty cool rarely with it be exactly middle of the gauge but it runs a lot closer to cool. My problem is the engine puts off some great heat. Is this normal if so then I will just ignore this and keep up with fluids.

Last but not least my turbo/psi gauge only says I am pushing about 8 lbs of boost. I know these things can go bad however I think I may have an exhaust leak causing me to loose some boost. I don't think I am pushing over 8lbs as it feels more sluggish than it should be. I am going to check it out in the morning. However I want some opinions on it just in case it is not a leak. I already ordered a boost controller and was curious if this could fix it.

Hope I can get some help on this, thanks ahead of time for the help.
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what viscosity oil do you run?
is there teflon tape on the threads of the sending unit?

that temp reading is pretty typical of what i've always seen in mine.

an exhaust leak will only reduce boost output if its leaking between the turbo and the head. could be the gauge, could be a bunch of little leaks in the intake tract. is the air filter clean? is the support wire still inside the hose on the front of the turbo?

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Don't forget about turbo hoses a small split WILL leak a fair amount of boost.
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On the boost, is this an automatic trans

On the oil pressure; take the wire to the sender on and off a couple times and see if the gauge reads lower when at operation temp. Do the testing mentioned in the last post to this thread:

Temp gauge, try the same thing as above for starters. Doing this cleans the connection a little
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natmac3, as for my oil I know it had a recent oil change before I bought it and I think its 15 or 20-w30.

Turbocoupes, when I start looking I will let you know.

Pete, it is a 5 speed. I will be sure to read that and look over it.

I also noticed I am only getting 15-20mpg with very easy driving and I think this has something to do with it. What should my average MPG be with 50/50 highway city Driving.
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Mileage, depending on driver, should be around 22-25 combined.
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My wife drives a Honda CR/V and gets 16-19 mpg. I drive about the same kind of trips she drives...most I could walk if I wanted to with some 5 to 6 mile legs thrown in) and I get 14-15 mpg. If I do some highway driving it's around 30 mpg.

I have a video shoot in Ft. Walton to do sometime in the next month and I can't wait to do that drive to check it out on a real long distance highway drive. Plus, I'm planning to stop and get "No Ethanol" gas about 50 miles south of Birmingham (and about 2 miles off of I-65) to see what that will do.
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Well, after about an hour of work in the garage. I fixed the exhaust leak off of the turbo/downpipe and replaced a couple vacuum lines. I am now pushing 14-15 psi and I think that's all that needs to be done. Besides the getting a small oil leak fixed and fluids flushed. It will all be perfect. (15 psi is the correct amount of boost it should push stock right?)

W60 I live in the back country with plenty of hills and I think that is what was hurting my mileage. However my lead foot does not help. I will figure out my current mpg.

As for the oil lines I don't think they were braided however the oil leak is near the waste gate and I don't know if that has something to do with it. It looks like I need a new gasket.
1988 Turbo coupe, K&N filter, Boost Controller, Stinger 3" exhaust.

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