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A/C System
I finally got my a/c system installed back in the car this afternoon. I just finished running a vaccuum on the system and am waiting to see how it holds up. Assuming all goes well, what is the next step that should be taken?

All the a/c components have been open to atmosphere for at least the last year, so should I run some sort of oil through the system before adding the refridgerant? If so, what type of oil?

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Well, don't quote me but you are going to want to get all the moisture out of there first, not sure how it's done but........ as far as oil, there is a retro kit sold at any auto parts store, contains everything you need to get you up and running. It's about $30. Put in the oil charge first and then the 134A.

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If the system has been open to the air for a year, the dessicant in the accumulator/dryer is shot. You will need to replace the accumulator/dryer. If the accumulator/dryer is original, and you are converting to 134a, the dessicant isnt 134a comatable, and will break down with 134a in the system, get out of its bag, and plug up the orifice tube. Either way, looks like time to replace the accumulator/dryer.

Jeff Korn

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That exact thing happend to me on my '84TC 10 years ago. It was a huge hassle even tough you could still buy R12.

I think the bag broke because I was too rough with the accumulator/dryer when I changed my heater core.

They make a replacement orifice tube kit that allows you to replce the orifice tube if it gets clogged. Basically you cut the old high pressure AC hose to get the orifice tube out section out. The kit has a new section that has compression fittings to attach to the old hose (metal tube section).
It would have been easier to either replace the accumulator/dryer or just be very gentle, but you live and you learn I guess.

I had to replace the new orifce tube several times to get all of the kitty litter out of the system. Imagine what that must have done to the compressor!
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