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A/C Electrical Problems
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I am not qualified to service the IRMC, but i could certainly bypass it all. The complexity, I believe, is all about getting the fans to come on. It's not uncommon also to have a WOT cutout. These systems can be very simple; For instance, it would have been historically normal to wire the pressure switch directly to the clutch. Since this system used a relay, you probably should insert one between the switch and the clutch. You can use a second relay to turn the fan on when the clutch is on or when the a/c control is on. You just pick one of two wires to the pressure switch.

for a long time, cars didn't have a high pressure switch, but if there's one present, it's usually set up to be in series with all this other stuff.

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FYI. A new IRMC is available, Four Seasons 37511.
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