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A/C clutch V-belt compressor vs. Serpentine, interchangeable?
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I am converting my 85 SVO from v-belt to serpentine from an 88 Turbocoupe. The a/c compressor that came with the TC engine had locked up. The one in my 85 SVO is fine, but is for a v-belt drive. Does anyone know if I can get a clutch kit for an 88tc and mount it on my compressor?

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You might want to look at this page: .

Hope it helps.
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Quote:Originally posted by Walsted:
You might want to look at this page: http:// .

Hope it helps.

Mike! Good to see you back here. You have to get another TC, so we can hang out again.

There is a guy in the Inalnd Empire craislist selling a new compressor for cheap, but its V belt.

I personally would toss the HR980 and convert to to the 92-94 cylinder mustang unit. Its rebuildable and you can get them at any jy for cheap including the bracket.

This post of TF might help too.
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