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A/C clutch screeching !! '86 XR7 ..
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my R134 converted but otherwise original 86 A/C clutch is screeching very loudly when I engage the A/C..

last summer it would screech a bit, then engage and be quiet.
this summer it seems like it just gonna keep on screeching...

what should I do ?

searched the forum..
doesn't seem to be any replacement parts on rockauto..

can I "rebuild" the clutch ?
new coil & somehow add fresh friction material ??
David T
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There is no friction material..... it is just metal to metal contact.

Check the clutch gap. If I remember correctly, max gap should be .028", with around .020" ideal. Gap can be adjusted with shimp after removing the clutch plate.

Possible compressor is about to fail generating high friction that the clutch cant handle.

Check clutch coil current draw. Should be around 4.5 Amps. If much higher of lower, replace coil.
Jeff Korn

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86 XR7 5spd Offline
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ok took the clutch apart and cleaned it up..
there was a bit of oil on the plate..

BUT I think the main problem was the *alternator* belt(s) were a little loose,
and that's where the screeching was coming from.

tightened 'em up and we're all good.
David T
T5 / ported E3 / .63 / 35# / K&N
2.5" exhaust w/ cherry bomb
30+ mpg! 8.2 0-60, [email protected] 1/4 (gTech)

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