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I was thinking of putting new A Arms on my 86 TC. I have lowering springs that I am going to install, but I figured while I'm in there I should replace the A arms because the TC needs ball joints and pressing new ball joints and buying them will almost cost me the same amount of money. Plus added down time.

Will these works... 0.l1116
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I'm using SN-95 Mustang A-frames and also front and rear springs from the SN-95 Stang.Lowered the car about 2 inches all around,great ride quality,and a direct swap.I used T-Bird ball joints due to the fact that the Stang's ball joints are different.An alignment was mandatory though,as it should be after any extensive front end work.
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That seems like a lot of money for stock style control arms, but then again I'm pretty cheep. I can't remember what I paid for moog ball joints when I did mine but I think they were less than $100. I "pressed" mine out and in with the arms on the car with the heat wrench, some hardwood blocks and a beater!
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They will work according to the last post here by Chuck.
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