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9-inch rearend driveshaft
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Hey fellas. Just wondering if anyone here has a 9" in either an 87 or 88 tc? If so, what was used for a driveshaft? I'm not familar with the 9" rears, but I'm about to be. If anyone can shed some light, it'd be great. My thinking is I obviously need a different yoke, and a different lengthed shaft. My thought was go find a 3 or 4 inch dia aluminum shaft, either new or at a boneyard (possibly from a crown vic) and have it shortened and balanced?

thanks Darrell

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The crown vic one might be to big around. You want to stay with something with a 3" tube. I am not sure what the crown vic has but the police interceptors are around a 4" tube. The one piece shaft from an early to mid 90's aerostar fits nice and has a 3" tube. That is what I am running. They are plenty long enough to give you enough to cut to length. As far as the yoke goes, all you would need to do is get a crossover u-joint to fit the driveshaft yoke one way and the 9" yoke the other....Tommy

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Why would you put a 9" in a TC? The 9" is HEAVY compared to the 8.8, as well as being less efficient (eats more HP) due to the position of the pinion gear on the ring gear. A 9" is really total overkill on a 2.3T.
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thanks for the reply Tommy. Jeff, I'm not putting a 9" rear in a tc, it's in, and that part of the install is done. I'm just wondering about the driveshaft, and if anyone else has installed a 9-inch. I know the 9-inchers are heavier and less efficent then the 8.8s. Though I still have yet to come up with the weight difference. Also, I already have a solid running, streetable 88tc with a 4cyl. This new project will be v8 powered, and a full race/trailer queen type car. I'll try and post some pics soon.
thanks fellas

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I am using a Crown Vic driveshaft in my TC with no problems. You will need to change the front yoke and not use the rear yoke if going with the 9". They make a universal joint that will bolt to the 9" using the u bolts and will fit the driveshaft yoke.
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