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88 Turbo No Start condition
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Ok guys kind of new to the site. I like reading the treads and learning about my car. I have a 1988 TC that has a no start condition and was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction. Here is what took place. I was moving my bird one day out of my shop when it just quit. I tried to start it and nothing. I here no fuel pump, no starter engagement, nothing. Battery is charged and my head lights work, interior lights work, but nothing works on the dash. No radio, no dash lights. I just dont understand. Anyway and ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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1 Check all fuses
2 it is most likely your ignition switch took a crap, it sounds like the only things working are the items that normally work with the ignition off.

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Check all the fuse links under the hood. There are a lot of them. Also check all major grounds.
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