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88 Turbo Coupe for sale, Columbus, IN
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88 TC for sale in Columbus, IN.

Pictures here:
They were taken in 2014, but it all looks the same.

It has just over 200k miles.
The car starts great every time, always has, even in cold winters. Until last fall, it was my daily driver. Then the ignition module failed, and I've driven it less than 100 miles since replacing that.

I recently replaced the head gasket.
The ABS light has been on constantly for the last 10k miles or so. I just never bothered to investigate. I had a problem with the brake accumulator at the same time the ABS light started coming on. I replaced the accumulator and got my brakes back, but the ABS light stayed.

For the last 10 years I've almost exclusively driven it locally, less than 1000 miles per year. (I live less than 5 miles from work.) This car has been rock-solid fun transportation for almost 20 years.

Also, when I replaced the ignition module, I replaced the PIP sensor too -- and subsequently had to replace the aux shaft and mating gear. Now it makes a camshaft-frequency clicking noise. I put the old aux shaft back in, and it makes the same noise, so I guess it has to do with the mating gear on the distributor. I kept all related parts (aux shaft, ignition modules, PIP, etc.), and are included in the sale! It could also probably use new spark plugs and cables. For some reason it still wants to miss under load when it warms up, and has a funny tach bounce. (No, it's not a problem with the head gasket!)
I pretty regularly changed the oil twice per year.
The clutch has maybe 10k miles on it, probably less on the timing belt.
The interior isn't in great shape -- dashboard cracks, headliner tears in some places, and the rear deck is deteriorating. The seats are in good condition.
All parts are pretty much stock, except for what I've had to replace, as normal for a 25+ year-old car with 200k on it.
a/c has been "converted" to R-134, and still works ok. It likes a recharge in the spring.

Asking $1000, come drive it away. It's not pretty, but it's still an 88 Turbo Coupe, and would be great for someone who wants to put a little love into it. But I've had my fun with it.
stock (mostly) '88 TC, slowly deteriorating....

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I'm in the same situation. I have a '88 TC with 90,000-miles that needs a new home. Faded paint but good body. New Mexico car No rust anywhere, never wrecked. Interior is perfect except the rear deck is deteriorating and dash has cracks. Everything is stock except the rear shocks have been changed and it got new injectors and a timing belt last summer. Original owner. Mobil One since new. In Albuquerque, NM

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Sorry...Asking $1,200.

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Interested in your Thunderbird if you could give me a call or text my numbers 267-255-799two thank you

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im also interested, text me @ 614 4O3 167O

APRIL 2018 - LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR. PM me if you have an 87-88 roller or cheap TF for sale.
1988 TC 5MT-Blue/Blue check-off car. resto-project.
2006 Honda Odyssey 5AT, baby-mobile.
2013 F-150, 5.0, 6AT, 4x4, snow white paint.

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