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'88 Thunderbird TurboCoupe 'save'.......
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A friend of mine purchased an '88 TurboCoupe/automatic as a parts donor for his '88 V8 Bird. He said I could have the rest for my labor of pulling the parts he wants. I was going to finish parting it out (based on his description of the cars' condition) until I finally laid eyes upon it. After I pull all of the parts he wants, they are getting replaced with parts I already have in my stash (I am an FOX Mustang guy, as well as having some SN95 stuff laying around too).

Car is an '88 TurboCoupe with an automatic, 169,000 miles, very much rust-free (it appears it was a Southern car in its life), Charcoal with blue/gray interior. I'll be removing the hood, instrument cluster, wheels, front brakes/spindles, and rear end for him. I already have a replacement hood and cluster to go back in. Car will be swapped to 5lug and '99 Cobra IRS since it 'lost' its original gear.
Right now my plan is to get it running and tuned up. Then the crazy mods begin (yes, it is going to stay 2.3T!)

And thank you for the welcome to NATO. Hopefully this car will live up to its designed potential and more (I also have an '84 Mustang TurboGT and a '97 Lincoln MKVIII).
Lost in translation..........
'88 TurboCoupe, Automatic, stone-stock (as I just got it) for now. Trying to get it back running and roadworthy before mods begin.

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Welcome, Welcome! You have an ambitious goal there with your planned mods! I am confident the information found on the NATO site will prove to be helpful. With the mods you are undertaking, fell free to share you "highs and lows", as well as any new lessons learned for our membership to share your pains and pleasures of reviving your TC.

Looking forward to reading about your progress!

'88 TC-Black T-5 with 79K stock 98.5% original, just w-i-d-e rims and tires, and some under hood powder-coating
'88 TC-Blue w/98K. Stocker w/t-5 ( the resurrection car) top gas mileage =31 mpg!
'88 TC-Grey w/99k. Auto, well optioned, 2nd owner car - getting more options
'87 TC-Blue w/123k t-5 parts car - less of a car now
'88 TC gray- body only so far- very very late factory build dated car, awaiting resurrection
'87 GN w/16.8K
"96 Bronco XLT w/351 (5.8l)

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