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88 TC Worth?
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I have a chance to get a 88 TC Blue with 37K and some change on the original miles. Its been garage kept scince this guy bought it and he has had it scince new. he is quite old and only drives it about 1 time a month in the summer months.and he gets a $200 detailing job done on it evey year. How much do you think this is worth? I am gonna do my best to get it he wants $5000 for it. Is it realy worth it?
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I paid that much for my project car because it had similar care by the previous owners and had all paper work and maintenance records. I'd rather pay it up front than have to put that into it in repairs.

Look over the bottom of the car and the lower door edges on the inside. If it looks good and the maintenance records support proper car, it is worth it in my book.

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I was wondering what to ask for my car. I have pretty much every reciept from the previous owner...which is about 5 or 6 years of receipts...and the ones from what I have done to the car. The car was taken care of..and was never beat on(which is why I bought her)...I bought her since I knew that she was taken care of and not beaten on like most of the Trans ams out there. I am looking to sell her only if I find the right fbody car for sale or trade. She has 120k miles on her...with the auto tranny..which was rebuilt at 117k miles(have a receipt). I have all records from tires to breaks to oil changes, etc. The car has an alarm that rolls up the windows by themselves when the alarm sets, has auto page, auto start, the trunk is fully dynomatted. I just replaced the alternator and battery..and am going to get her a tuneup in a week or two. I am too attached to the car to really let her go...but if I find the Trans am GTA or the '91-'92 Z28 I might let her go..since I am in college and can only afford to have one car. What is a good asking price for her? The rims are 16" AR with practically new BF Goodrich tires. Leather interior...the front seats are a little rough yet the rears are great. The interior is excellent besides the front seats...the car is totally stock.



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I just paid $4975 for mine with 48k on it. It is a little high but it's worth it to me. It was always garage kept and it's like new.

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