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88 TC side markers
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I bought a Black 88 TC and one of the side marker trim peices is missing. Searching I have noticed that some 88's have these and others don't? Were they options or what? Do they interchange with other T birds? Thanks BR
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There were an option in a lighting group that usually (not always) included auto-dim/auto delay headlights, twightlight sentinals, and even lighted keyless entry pad and optional door-handle activated interior lights. As far as interchanging - several relays are used under the dash between the steering wheel and centerline and wiring harness additions. I converted a non-lighting group car to add everything mentioned and it was quite a bit more than I expected.
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Quote:Originally posted by turbo80sdriver:
optional door-handle activated interior lights.
Don't mean to derail topic, but was adding the above difficult. I really miss the lighted keyhole.
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