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'88 TC engine swap into '95 cougar?
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I have a '88 TC that runs great but the body and interior are in poor shape. I just bought a '95 cougar (XR7 I think?) with a 4.6L V8 with a thrashed engine. The cougar is in excellent condition and fully loaded, I would like to try and swap my 2.3L turbo and tranny into the cougar. I wonder how much work this would involve and if its worth doing? I can get a rebuilt 4.6L but sure would like the little 2.3T for its decent power and excellent gas mileage. Is it going to be too much trouble????

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I don't know about the swap but isn't the MN-12 series heavier than the fox platform?
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that cougar is prolly a good 3600-3800 lbs. Prolly closer to 3600 since the MarkViii's were 3800.
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Wow what a swap that would be....

Definately need motor mounts and cross member,
Stand alone computer....4.6 v8 cougars use eec-5
T5 would not work easily...shifter is in the wrong place for MN12 car...need supercoupe 5speed, then that will not bolt up to 2.3

You can get the 2.3 bellhousing for a C4...

end result...rebuild or find used a 4.6...

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