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88 TC engine stalling issues
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Didn't see any other topics that were similar so here it goes. I have an 88 automatic TC. I have recently replaced the plugs, wires and cap, tuned the timing to about 16 degrees, cleaned the injectors although not thoroughly. However my car has trouble starting on very hot days and half of the time stalls out within a few minutes after being started. I'm just curios as to where i should start looking, fuel filter, fuel pump, injectors? Also if im low on gas and make a hard left and try to gas it hard my engine stalls out for a few moments and sometimes dies but i think that has more to do with the after market fuel tank design? Any help would be much appreciated.

Jeff K Offline
Many possible causes....... First, check fuel pressure and pull the complete set of codes (KOEO, CM, and try to run the KOER). Check for vac leaks. When it stalls, check to be sure if you have spark or not. You could have a failing IAC. TUrn the base idle up with the screw and see if that cures the stalling. If it does, clean or preferably replace the IAC and reset base idle (IAC electrical connector unplugged) to 850 RPM or so with the engine warm & in neutral.
Jeff Korn

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There are "how to" articles for most of the things Jeff mentioned in the old Tech Article. See links on the right side of this page.

TCs tend to temporarily run out of gas on hard cornering or hard launching when the gas tank gets low. Bad tank design.
Might want to cut the ignition timing back a few degrees, at least until you get the problems solved. That much advance might contribute to a hard starting problem.
Pete Dunham


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