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88 TC Cylinder Head Question
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Anyone had good results having a cracked head repaired? Otherwise, any suggestions for a replacement head?

I pulled the head off my 88 TC today to replace the head gasket. I found a crack in the head in the #2 cylinder pocket. The crack goes from the exhaust valve seat to past the past edge of the cylinder pocket onto the head sealing surface (perpendicular to length of head).

Ideas/ recommendations?

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That crack sounds pretty bad, but it's hard to tell if it is repairable without a pic. Might want to take the head to a good automotive machine shop familiar with the 2.3 engine and see if it is repairable.
Jeff Korn

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There are methods to repair the head but with considerations. A machine shop has to know what and how to do it and has the equip. The head must be repairable also. The work is generally not cheap. It may not hold. Actual uncracked Turbo heads are hard to find.

Many people just find an N/A head and go from there. Flow isn't quit as good and the compression ratio is higher, limiting boost. To some extent the combustion chamber can be reworked to lower the compression ratio. Runners can be reworked to give some flow improvements.

There are some early non-turbo heads that have similar shaped combustion chambers to the turbo heads and, I think, better runners. Not sure how hard those are to find. You can find more info on various heads as
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