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88 TC computer and big VAM swap?
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I just pick up a 88 TC (auto) Computer and the matching big VAM unit for my 85 TC and was wondering if it just plugs right into my setup or what is needed to swap it in? I'm also swapping my C3 for a 5 spd this winter, while that make for any problems swapping it in? Thanks

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I think it will work but if you want more power you need an LA3 comp from 5 spd.

I might need that comp you have.
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Although the 60-pin plug in your harness will plug right into the new computer, a few wires have to be swapped at the plug.

The newer computer requires an ACT sensor which you should install in the intake manifold.

What fuel injectors do you have? The 88 computer is configured to run 35lb/hr injectors and your 85, depending on the build date, might have green-top (30lb/hr) or brown-top (35lb/hr).

The 88s have a BOO sensor (at the brake pedal) that you will want to install or else the computer will give a trouble code.

Lastly, you will need to install a premium/regular fuel switch, or else ground the pin so it's always in premium or regular.

I don't have the pin numbers handy, but they are around ... maybe in the FAQ?

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You can probably find some of the wiring info here:
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This page may help as well.

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