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87 v-6
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Got a guy here who wants to sell his v-6 87 for 1500, was wondering what the difference is body and engine styles vs my 87 TC. Havent gone to see it yet, was thinking would be a good one for my wife to drive, while i work on my turbo.

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My first car was an 88 V6 LX tbird, best car Ive owned so far. It had like 170,000 on it before I sold it to buy a TC. Performance/fun wise it doesnt compare to a TC but it was a good running car to get around in. As far as the body they were fairly similar, the LX has a differant front end but you can easily swap over a TC nose onto like I did, bolts right on. The hood also fits fine too. Otherwise I think its pretty much the same body i think.I got lucky and found one with a power sunroof and then found a set of ground effects for it that bolted right on. As far as the interior, again, very similar design but the LX had some differances. I had a digital dash in mine and the seats were differant but TC seats would fit in there, dont know about getting the power lumbar to work with it though. If it runs like mine did for 3 straight years with no problems then I would say $1500 sounds good, I found mine for $1000. Good luck with it if you decide to go for it.
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The V6's are very prone to headgasket failure, so ask if they have been replaced recently. If not, RUN AWAY from it as fast as you can.

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yea one of em has a 5.0 And runs 13.1s......
uhhh make that [email protected] with a 90hp shot of nitrous.
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'87 and '88 V-6 engines are different. The '87 had CFI injection.

- Semi-digital or optional full digital instrument cluster.

- Regular non-bolstered seats w/ a consolette instead of a full console.

- Chrome trim around the bodyside moulding and windows

- Automatic only w/ a column shifter

- 7.5" axle w/out traction-lok (may have been an option, I can't remember) and w/ drum brakes

- Regular shocks and struts (no automatic ride control)

- No system sentry in the center stack (i.e low oil, lights out, etc. Although these were in the optional instrument cluster)

- I believe the biggest wheels available were 14".

- Good torque and good for daily driving. As long as you take excellent care of the cooling system, these engines will go forever. Good car for the wife.

But, if you want a Turbo Coupe, definitely keep looking and start w/ a TC.

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