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Hello all, I'll make this brief. Looking at an '87 Turbo Coupe 5-speed. 180k miles. Rusted strut towers. Rusted door sills. Brake line leak. BUT, it runs and drives and stops (occasionally). Powertrain looks to be in great shape.

Selling for $400. I don't plan on making this a show car. Plan on making it an AutoCross/RallyCross car until it kicks the bucket. I'm fairly familiar with the fox body chassis from this era, but reaching out for any other advice as to what to look for before handing over cash to this guy. I'll attach a link to and vids of said vehicle below. Thanks, and hopefully I become a new TC owner in the next week or so!

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Oh man, if you got rusted strut towers it will not be a very solid x-cross car. I hope you plan on fixing those up first. how about the frame rails under the front, are they solid? I also see in the video that both the brake and anti lock lights are lit, which means you have some issues in the e brake system, maybe as simple as a relay bad, maybe not. I would drive it with the anti lock light on, but not so much with the brake light as you could lose brakes and wreck it. If you don't mind fixing things up for X-cross then have go through it first, both structurally and systems, but I would only use it as a parts car, which for the money for a runner is a good deal.
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