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87 Turbo Coupe Door Latch Assembly
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I'm having a really hard time finding a drivers door latch assembly for my 87 turbo couple. Can anyone give me any direction or help me with any cross references?

I just picked her up and I'm going through her, addressing a number of minor flaws (82,000 miles / 1 owner). I always regretted selling my 88, that I had when I was 18. 

Thank you, 


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Welcome to NATO Ron!!

If you have any junk yards near you look for latch / latch parts from any 83-88 Tbird or Cougar.

FOX Mustang latches MIGHT be the same as the Tbird ones and are likely much easier to find.
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I've had some success finding parts off ebay by emailing a request to sellers who seem to be parting out tbirds. I search for tbird parts, then check sellers "other items" and if there a few other tbird parts, I'll email the seller asking about the part needed. Generally if they have it and you agree to their asking price, they will setup an auction with a "buy it now" price for you.
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