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87 turbo coupe
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Picking up a 87 coupe tomorrow. Pretty much all original except for rims and k&n filter. Only 78k on it

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nice looking car. good luck with it.

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(07-06-2020, 12:06 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: nice looking car.  good luck with it.
Thanks. Just have to have it hauled up to Pa from Tennessee. I wanted a 5 speed car but couldn’t pass on this with the shape it’s in.

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Nice looking ride. Hey, it's in PA, so sign up for Carlisle and take it there to show and then drive it home..What color is the interior, love the silver paint on these cars.

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Great looking car!! Welcome to NATO!
Jeff Korn

88 Turbo Coupe: Intake and exhaust mods, T3 turbo at 24 psi, forced air IC, water injection, BPV, Ranger cam, subframes, etc., etc.
86 Tbird 5.0 (original owner): intake, exhaust, valvetrain mods, 100 HP N2O, ignition, gears, suspension, etc., etc.
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I agree !

[img][Image: s-l16001_zpsvd5gfbd9.jpg][/img]
1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 5 speed Boosting 25 PSI with Boport/Stinger parts !
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Excellent looking car. Welcome to NATO.
Pete Dunham


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