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87 Turbo Bird to a Non Turbo hood and header panel
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I'm going to using a GN front mount inter cooler. I am having trouble finding a replacement Turbo Coupe header panel, so I'm thinking about going with a N/A bird header and hood. How much modification will I be getting into?
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I don't know that any of the mounting holes will be different for the non-turbo header panel, but the inner clear lights on the non-turbo are a different size than the turbo coupe inners and will not fit correctly.
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The non-turbo parts are all a direct swap,except,as stated above,the inner marker lights.
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IMO the turbo hood should remain. You will still get a flow of cool air directly on the exhaust manifold and turbo.

I was planning on going with the NA header on my sons for a front mount too, but I am going to create a custom insert to go in place of the cheesey chrome NA grille. It will be more like a opening instead, with just the outer rim of the NA grille remaining.
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