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87 Light Regatta Blue TC automatic
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Sue & I drove to Flagstaff this morning to look at a non-running 87 TC parts car. The Craigslist pics made it look like it was white, but it turned out it was originally light blue.

[Image: 3152TC-almost-loaded-copy.JPG]Image Hosting

The under-hood Craigslist pic looked like it may have overheated & sprayed antifreeze/rusty water all over the engine compartment.
The rusty looking stuff turned out to be nothing more than red dust all over the top of the engine etc. I was able to hand turn the crank with no problem so it definitely isn't frozen.

[Image: 748501111_iVKm5qJ92N1_600x450-copy.jpg]Image Hosting

The car was last registered in 2004 & has sat outdoors since then, with at least 5 1/2 years of those years parked in an outdoor storage unit, where it was auctioned last week for non-payment.

The story that I got was that before the divorce the man screwed up this car, which was in her name, so she couldn't drive it anymore.
As you can see below he was a real crowbar & heavy hammer mechanic.

[Image: 5449Smashed-ignition-Switch-copy.JPG]Image Hosting

I have determined that this car is pretty much beyond the point of being worth trying to collect all of the parts that are missing to bring it back to life. So, I will be using various parts from it for my other TCs, but there are lots of good parts that I don't need that will be leftover to sell later.
The one part that never gets fixed on my cars is the nut that holds the steering wheel

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