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87-88 TC intake...
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As I'm not selling one, but want one for messing around with, I put this in this section instead. So, looking for a upper and lower for an 87-88 TC so I can try porting out and such while I still drive mine. As I don't have a lot of money, not looking to spend a lot. I know, that sounds cheap, but there it is. I think the guys on the Bay are too expensive. If anyone has both for cheap, let me know otherwise it's going to be junkyard scrounging for me. Thanks
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I just bought one to repaint and got it installed last week. I'd like to start my car before selling the old one just in case there's some unseen problem.
Pm me and we can discuss price if you are interested.
One thing I don't like is one of the previous owners took the EGR valve off and plugged the port and the plug is crooked. If doing away with the EGR I would suggest getting one of the plates from

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