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86TC Fuel Pump Relay?
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Hi all, I'm running into issues with my fuel pump, I've replaced it (twice) and the pump initially works but I think there is some electronic issue that is shorting it out because it won't stay on to allow the car to start.

There is one in the trunk that is clicking but I believe there is another relay under the hood, would anyone be able to confirm this or tell/show me where the relay under the hood might be?


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Only 1 fuel pump relay. 87-88 has pump relay under the hood in the IRCM, which also has 4 other relays in it.

If something was "shorting out", you would have blown fuse links or blown fuses.

Where in the trunk is the relay? My 85 Tbird 5.0 has pump relay above the pass side rear tire in the trunk. Not sure if the 86 TC has the pump relay in the same place or not.

Temporarily jump the inertia switch and see if the pump runs.

I assume that you know when the key is turned to RUN that the pump will run for 2 seconds and then shut off. Pump will only run continuously if the PCM is getting a PIP (Profile Ignition Pickup) signal from the Hall effect switch inside the distributor. If you crank the car and the pump only runs for 2 sec and shuts off the PCM is not getting the PIP signal from the distributor.
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I'm going to try jumping the inertia switch today, relay is in the same space as your 85 Tbird.

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