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'86 turbo-coupe "turbocharger"
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I am new to this site but have had my 1986 Tbird TC since New in June 1986.  
It was not running just right so I had it at West Herr Ford in Amherst NY and they tried diagnosing for a week or so and came back saying that it needed a new turbo.. "that your turbo is loading up with oil?"  The boost guage on the dash shows that it is pumping at 12 which is what it always would max at.  Because the boost shows 12 could there still be an oil buildup causing the turbo to not react properly.  I did replace the plugs and ordered the special high output plug wires as I noticed a few short out sparks to the block while running the car with the hood open in pitch blackness.  This seems to have solved any misfires problems except the occasional one when really pushing the car to accelerate quickly.. Any help appreciated.  The car only has 67K on it and I want to get it running perfect as it always did until a year ago.  Lou - Grand Island, NY

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Many of us have found that the best plug wires to use are the OEM Motorcraft wires, part number WR4011C.

Most of the techs at any Ford dealership likely were in grade school or in diapers when your 86 TC was made, and have zero clue on how to diagnose, much less fix a 33 year old TC. Does the turbo make any strange noises? Pull the intake hose off the compressor side and feel for any axial or radial play. Should have zero axial play and barely perceptible radial play at the worst.
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