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86 turbo coupe boost but no boost
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Grandad built a 1927 model T and put the 2.3 turbo engine in it. Run and drives good and it makes boost however the computer doesn’t adjust for it.

Fuel pressure regulator is working properly with upwards of 50 psi under boost
Turbo puts out 15 psi of boost
Throttle position sensor adjusted to .90 volts
Base timing set to 10 degrees btdc

We had several map/bap sensors, had the B1A plugged in with no hose. Swapped to an A1A and hooked a hose to it. Computer adjusted for boost two times then coming down to idle the car shut off. After that never boosted again.

How does the computer read and adjust for boost with the EEC IV?

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2.3T uses BARO sensor. No hose to manifold vacuum should be attached to the bung on the sensor, it is open to the air.

No clue what you mean by "computer adjusted for boost 2 times" ?? Do you have a WBO2 gauge to monitor A/F ratio?

The PCM measures air flow rate and IAT via the VAF. PCM calculates mass air flow rate from this, basically by using the ideal gas law. PCM does not directly measure boost pressure.

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