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86 TC weighed today
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Stopped at the metal recycling place today. They weigh it on the way in and the way out. It weighed 3460 with me, 1/2 tank, my 1 year old, his car seat, and a few trunk odds and ends (quart of oil, heavy gauge jumper cables, spare tire, jack, etc).

I figure you subtract:

Gas - 54 lbs.
my Son - 20 lbs.
car seat - 10 lbs.
trunk items - 15 lbs.
me - 200 lbs.

Total: 3161 lbs. Not bad!

All stock minus air box, and it has cloth, electronic climate control, and premium sound.

The scale guy said the scale read to the nearest 20 lbs.

Also I dropped 160 lbs of stuff off.
Coil springs, sway bar links, tie rod ends, ball joints, 3 sets of rotors, 1 set of drums, front struts, and a set of brake pads. Sweet. Forgot to add... I got $11.20 for that 160 lbs. I also got $25 for the catalytic converter from my wife's car.
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Interesting, I've never weighed my 86, I always figured it would weigh about 3400 stock.
I'm sure that it will weigh around the 3400 mark after this next round of upgrades. 13" brakes, 8.8 rear, subframe connectors, panhard bar, torque arm and FMIC.
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I realize this is a little old, but thought I would add the following. Out of an '86 Ford dealer brochure on the T'bird.
Curb Weight (lb.) 3,089**
**Standard vehicle. Turbo Coupe: 3,172 lb.
Robert Camp
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That's really light. Not bad at all.

I'm taking the Sport down this week.I wonder what it'll weigh compared to a 4 cyl. equipped car.I'll post it when I find out.
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