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86 TC complete front suspension
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Just rebuilt the front suspension, much better now. Took forever to special order parts, find the right bolts, etc. Here's to help.

Struts---KYB-235002 ($59.95 ea. from Summit)
Strut Mounts---KYB-SM5054 ($36.79 ea. from Rock Auto)
Strut Bellows---KYB-SB103 ($11.23 ea. from Rock Auto)
Springs---Moog 8606 ($74.00/pair from Summit)
Spring Isolators---Energy Suspension 4.6102G ($25.75 from Summit)
Sway Bar Bushings---Energy Suspension 4.5101G ($12.50 from Summit)
Sway Bar Links---Energy Suspension 4.8119G ($15.39 from Summit)
Ball Joints---Moog K8259 ($57.99 ea. from Advance)
Tie Rod Ends---Moog ES2150RL ($41.99 ea. from Advance)
Lower Control Arm Bushings---Energy Suspension 4.3132G ($45.99 from AZ)
Lower Control Arm Bolts---M16 x 2.0 x 120mm (class 10.9) ($6.84 for 4 from Fastenal)
Strut to Spindle Bolts---M16 x 2.0 x 60mm Flange Bolts (class 10.9) (6.79 for 4 from Fastenal)
Nuts for LCA and Strut Bolts---M16 x 2.0 (I used class 8 or 8.8 don't remember) ($7.29 for 10 pack from Fastenal)

P.S. Energy Suspension numbers end in G for black parts or R for red parts. Select black parts are impregnated with graphite for lubrication properties.

I have a 1 5/16" sway bar so that's what these sway bar mount bushings are for. These sway bar end links are 3.375" I think. Most everywhere else quotes the number for the 87-88 TCs. These are 4.5" long and won't work.

The LCA bushings are listed as non-HD suspension. Can't say for sure, but almost positive that's what all early TC's had. These are the ones with the metal shell. It cost $35 total to have old ones pressed out and new pressed in. Took about 30-40 mins of labor for the shop.

Get yellow zinc nuts and bolts for everything if possible. The metric flange bolts for struts took 2 weeks to get in! I reused strut mount nuts and sway bar mount nuts/bolts so I don't know what size they are.

I tried three different spring compressors and only the last one worked. I rented both types from AZ to no avail. Had to buy one from Advance. It goes through the center and has a double hook on both ends. AZ's center compressor has a double hook end and a "tuning fork" end. The tuning fork would never come out after raising the A-arm. Impact is EXTREMELY helpful for setting/resetting spring compressor 30 times on the first side and 3 times on the second side. I tried ratchet but would have taken me another couple days to compress/try/release/reset/try again, etc. Impact is also helpful for strut to spindle bolts.
1986 TC 5-spd (Red/Red cloth)
K&N Cone on VAM; front suspension by KYB, Moog, Energy Suspension.

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Thanks for the info. I may have to rebuild mine. 4 eyes forever.
85 TC,86 TC,65 Mustang GT

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I can probably get you a good package deal after all the researching I've done. Let me know.
1986 TC 5-spd (Red/Red cloth)
K&N Cone on VAM; front suspension by KYB, Moog, Energy Suspension.

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