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850CCA Battery OK for TC?
unclefalter Offline
Was just going to get my 88 TC going for the summer.  The battery I bought 3 years ago is toast (junk!).  It was 800CCA.  I have a new 2 month old battery here I bought for a truck that is headed for sale, and wondered if there would be any problem using it in the TC?  Good quality batteries have suddenly gotten very expensive ($200+ up here), so I'd prefer not to buy a second one if I don't have to.  I don't know what the rule is with cranking amps/cold cranking amps.

This might be my last summer with it - sending my daughter off to college this fall and every available $ will be required. Plus, I have neck problems and I'm finding I cannot adjust the headrests/seats in a way that supports my head/neck the way modern cars do. Sad
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andrewjs18 Offline
I'm running, I believe, a 550 or 600 CCA battery for a Honda Odyssey in my TC. Haven't had any issues yet.

Pete D Offline
Just stuck a new one in mine rated at 630 CCAs at 0*F and 812 CCAs at 32*F. Working just fine.
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