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85 TC Update
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Well I am making progress and found some cool things at the same time. I figured out I had a headgasket leaking Blowing water 4 ft across the yard out of Raidiator cap) so I pulled the head yesterday just to find I have a 30 over remanufactured long block engine in the TC I can still read the lettering printed on the pistons! C3 tranny has also been rebuilt! Looks like the gasket blew between 3 & 4 and into water jacket. Not much running on it so I am kind of puzzeled as to why But it has been having major detonation issues while I am fighting with it to get it to run right. I will get the new gasket installed today and see what happenes.

Thanks for everything guys I will be riding in my TC soon!

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Make sure the head and block are both flat.
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