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'85 TC Stall in reverse
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1985 TC stalls when put into reverse. When put in reverse from any gear, the RPM's shoot up a bit then it dies. This started happening last fall before I put the T-Bird away for the winter. The only mod that may coincide is a Gillis valve that was installed last summer. Any ideas? Thanks!

....should add: it's an automatic trans....

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Check for vacuum leaks and clean the IAC as a starting point. Also run a complete code test (KOEO, CM, and KOER) and report back with any codes present.
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Did they use an automatic release on the parking brake? My TC does not have that, but it's a 5 speed, so they couldn't. Those (on a lincoln) are vacuum powered and of course it comes on when you come out of park. Fundamentally I would expect to find a vacuum leak there and some parts of the system semi-working.

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