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85 shell rust
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I bought my TC not running for 200bucks, I couldn't pass it up with the only engine problem being a bad ECT.

The TC I have was came OEM silver, but when I got it the car was red. Did some searching on the history of the car (talked to the last owner) who said when his dad owned the car rust started to form in the back between the trunk and the window. So I guess the rust was sanded down and brought to Macco for there paint job, witch involved by what I can tell washing the car then just spraying the paint over the OEM paint. NO prep work was done at all.

After three years I bought the car and rust went through were they did the old rust work, so I took out the bondo and cleaned it up the best I could. Now its been a year and the rust is getting worse, water fills the trunk, the only way I live it was by drilling three drain holes through the trunk to stop it.

Another fun part of the car is the red paint is starting to come off exposing the OEM paint Sad Also the accident Christmas Eve didn't help much ether but the motor is great.

I've been trying to think of a solution to keep this TC from falling apart but I just can't come up with anything, I've really been thinking maybe its time to take out the motor and junkyard the frame.... Save some money over the winter and find like an old stang but I can't put my mind to it.

If anyone has any ideas or segestions I'm all ears, Im a TFer at heart Smile

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If you could find a clean roller, you could transfer your running gear into the roller. They're around as lots of Mustang guys gut the TCs for their cars. The problem is finding something clean in IL. That's like trying to find something clean in MN. Good luck.
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