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85-86 parts car for my 87?
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I keep seeing an 85-86 TC on my way to work each day. Pretty rusted up, and had been in that exact same spot for the past 5 years.

I'm thinking about possibly taking it off the owner's hands for more than a JY would pay (if the owner has no idea what they have)

I know that I should most definitely get the t3 turbo out of it, (and the interior. Far better condition than the one I have) But is there anything else that I should look to get out of the 85 style TC that would be an upgrade on my 87? I know the body is lighter than the 87, but I think that it would be too much trouble to try to upgrade the 85 to the nifty level of my 87, while still taking advantage of the weight.

(plus, I much prefer the styling of my 87.)
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Other than the turbo hardly anything is an upgrade to the '87. Most people, me included, pull stuff out of '87/'88 for the '85/'86. Rear end, front brakes, computer, VAM to name a few.
Robert Camp
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87-88 is heavier than the earlier TCs due to the probably 100 lbs of extra wiring and mechanicals for all the power stuff, ABS, PRC, etc. Unit body for all TCs is virtually identical. Wiring harnesses are totally different, etc, etc. Very few body panels interchange.
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