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83 Turbo Efi
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This is my first Tbird and it just so happens to be the first year they were made. My friend was driving by this car going to work everyday for the last year. He noticed it had a price tag in the window but never noticed the Efi Turbo badges on the side. Since they dont say Turbocoupe on the molding he figured it was not a turbo car. 1yr later he decided to just take a closer look at it and stopped by to see how much they wanted. Other then being a bit dirty it has a pretty straight body. $500 was scratched off and $400 obo was now the price. I got the number from him and called to see just how low he would go on it. I offered $200... he took it! The car had not ran in 8 months. Started up with little effort but the alt was seemingly bad and was not working at the time. After slapping him in the face with my $200, we got on the road. The battery light decided to go out and alt started working. It ran great! Got it home and gave it the normal tune up and it purred like a kitten. So thats the story about my first Tbird. It is truely a beautiful car with the exception of the window looking like a spider web. $200 well spent for a great running 5 speed turbo car. Never thought I would own one but after driving it for the last few days I dont see selling it anytime soon. These are so comfortable to drive its amazing.

One question... what injectors did these come with? EEC?

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Great buy. Post some pics when you can.
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30 #/hr injectors.
Small VAM.
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nice find. good luck! feel free to PM me anytime with questions.

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This thread is worthless without pictures :-)
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Quote:Originally posted by Keith Nubel:
This thread is worthless without pictures :-)
Agreed....I would so pick up a 83-84TC or 84 XR7. They are just different.

Once you get all the bugs worked out, it should get over 30mpg on the highway. No bad for a 25 year old car.

Enjoy your TC.

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