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83 Bird, Electrical Problems
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Hey everyone, this is my first post... a little background info. My uncle passed away 20 years ago and left behind an 83 Turbo Coupe. Last year I got this car running for the first time since 89 and after a turbo rebuild she runs pretty good. A few months ago my cousin was driving the bird and the alternator light came on. I checked it and it wasn’t charging. A day or so later the interior dome light stopped working along with the door locks and instrument cluster. The windows still work along with the power seats and most all other electrical components. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I’ve checked fuses and changed voltage regulator and it has had no effect.

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Have you checked the fuse links? There a bunch of them coming off the batt terminal of the starter solenoid.

You really need to get an EVTM and/or circuit diagrams for your car. The electrical system of the 83 is significantly different than the 85-86 and 87-88 that I am very familiar with, so I hate to say I cant be of much help.
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No I havent but i will and I'll look into that, thank you!!

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Just get a new alternator and voltage regulator. They are cheap parts and sounds like your went out. They were easy to swap on my 84 when my alternator died.
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