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83-86 Weather Stripping Replacement
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83-86 Weather Stripping Replacement
By Zach Zimmerman (CougarXR7)

I thought it may be a good idea to post some of the progress I've made with the '86. Because the car was in Florida for 20 years, ALL of the trim around the windows was totally destroyed. The dew wipes were especially bad, but it all had to be replaced. If you look at some of the pictures, you will get an idea of how bad it was. Pulling on the trim would result in it shattering in my hands. It hardly served a purpose anymore. The glass would rattle whenever the doors were shut!




Thanks to Eric, at CoolCats ( ), I got the part numbers for the belt-line weather stripping (dew wipes) and the vent window channel trim. It was all ordered from JC Whitney. The vent window channel trim simply gets snugged right into the channel, then some minor trimming of the material is required. The dew wipes had to be pop riveted to the trim piece with careful measurement, but they seem to be very solid and correct for the design.

My next problem was the rest of the window weather stripping that goes around the top and side of the rest of the window frame. Mine was as bad as the rest of it.

I went to the junkyard to look for a possible replacement. I spent an hour looking at Lincolns until I stumbled onto an unexpected find: A 2-door 1992 Mercury Topaz.

For the Tempo/Topaz, I would say '88-'94. I think '94 was the last year for those cars, but I'm not sure if the older ones have the same weather stripping. Certain models from the '80s may or may not fit. Check them at the junkyard to make sure.

When I examined the window channel trim, it seemed like a close enough match. I had no idea how perfect it was. This stuff fit absolutely PERFECT into the window frame. Absolutely everything matched up. In fact, I believe that if the '86 had normal windows, the entire piece would fit perfectly.

NOTE:  It has been reported that the weatherstripping will not fit doors with full glass; it falls about 3" short. That means that this modification is limited only to those who have vent windows."

When looking for the right Tempo/Topaz, make sure it's a 2-door with manual windows. You can simply crank down the windows and begin to work out the weather stripping. Begin at the top and work to the back corner. There will some extra weather stripping that goes down inside the door. This is so the glass doesn't work its way out of the channel. Install the weather stripping just like it is in the Tempo/Topaz. If you have vent windows, you can simply cut off what you don't need and trim it to meet up with the vent channel felt.


The best part is that it's the nice, soft, pliable rubber. Those windows are AIR TIGHT now. It's amazing




Finally, some before and after shots. I can now begin work on the bottom of the door (rust), then paint and correct door panels. I knew I had to fix this:






I really hope this can help other people who may need to replace theirs. Again, the channel weather stripping from the Topaz is the soft, pliable rubber. I don't hear a thing at 70mph.

Parts list:

JC Whitney - 800-529-4486

1983-86 dew wipes (outside, mounts to aluminum piece, cut to fit; remove factory staples, drill new holes and pop rivet on):
KM819751 - $14.99 each - 2 required

Vent window felt (goes inside channel)
KM810358 - 26.99 - 1 required

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