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59,655 miles...
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and safely tucked away for winter.

Did the complete wash, wax, undercarriage etc cleaning today and parked it in the garage.

LONG time till April Sad

I put a litle over 9,200 miles on the car this year.. the most it has seen in one year in it's entire life!

Only that that went wrong all year was the ignition module.. other than that, she ran great.

I took it out last night for a drive in the 30 degree air.. turbos LOVE that Smile Man the car felt faster than ever~

Over the winter I'm doing the Walbro 255 pump and AFPR, the valve seals, and either the ported E6 Pete did for me or a Bobs Log..
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Doesn't seem right to have to wait til april. I guess if mine was in nice condition I would be more careful with it.
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I agree with Doug...doesnt seem right not driving the car until April...well it will be March for me...

I did drive it today, did the wash, check fluids, and filled the tank with premium.

Went down a back road and hit 25psi...always makes me smile....

Hey turbokev...that is one nice car... I wish my XR7 was that nice.

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