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5 speed complete!!!!
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I am currently going to my local techincal college.Louisiana Techincal University of Morgan City which like the best out of the country.Where i
was changing my automatic 87 ford thunderbird turbo
to a 5 Speed.Well,begining of the 2nd half of the semester.Manual transaxle/transmission diagnois and repair.I started the project because my shift cable broke for my automatic so this was a perfect reason to start the swap.I took everything out.Long story short.3 weeks transmission Computer and othe accesories like 2 weeks.Automatic driveshaft didnt fit it was too short.Bought a 3.8 mustang slip yoke to see if it fit it did but more details later.I bought a manual driveshaft with no slip yoke and pinion mount.It was the right length but the pinion mount from my auto didnt work and the slip yoke didnt fit either.Three days left of school No driveshaft my car wasnt going anywhere.Then i got an email from a guy from plaqamine.He had a manual driveshaft.I went there and pick it up went home.Next day went to school (Friday last day).Put it in and and it FITS!!!Charge the battery and start it check if the transmission shifts(which it did thank GOD!!Not saying i am a bad mechanic> i might have forgot something)Then disconnect the battery charger and then the car died.Alternator was fried replace it. Fired it up , ran test drive it.Excellent and with no exhaust.

Manual Tran.(AutoZone) $435
Computer (Ebay) $80
Pedal Assembly $100
w/ slave cly. and master
w/ crossmember
floor shifter w/ handle,knob,boot, and bezel $50
slip yoke of 3.8 mustang $20
manual driveshaft w/o slip yoke and pinion mount $56 ($5 with 49.30 overnight shipping)
Manual u-joints $25
The right driveshaft with everything $40
Replace alternator $129 w/o the core $79 with the core.
$800 for a complete swap.
1 year warranty for the transmission.

Doing not enough research and having a headache like bigger than the car itself. Priceless
Having you instrutor tell you good job. Priceless!
First semester of school doing transmission and never touch a transmission before going to school and completeing a 5speed swap and doing it myself.

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congrats, youre really going to enjoy the car now.
88tc (sold) but keeping an eye out.

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What kind of time i can run(estimating) on the track.Like my 1/4 times?.My automatic when i had it ran 18.2 at 76.8.What are some easy upgrades.And what is my potential.

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Why don't you see what combos the people on the top 25 list have. Than may help you gauge your potential

Upgrades =
Pete Dunham


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