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5 lug swap
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So I want to put 5 lug wheels on my 87 turbo coupe.  I have the complete suspension from a 95 mustang gt. Fronts rears everything. Complete rear axle including upper and lower CA's.  I would just swap out the rear axle but I want the 3.55 gears I I'm thinking the easiest way to go about this is just swap the rear axles.... does this sound right? Should be easy peasy?

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I meant "I would just swap the entire rear end, but I want to retain my 3.55 instead I'm thinking just the axles....."

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IMO, I would just swap axles too, but I don't have the experience of doing it.

Here's a good spreadsheet I got from Chuck W for swappable axels and lengths:
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I believe the axles are the same length for all of the cars with disc brakes up to 98. So you should be able to swap over the axles and brakes and still end up with the same wheel offsets in the rear.

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My understanding is that the axle offset is different between the two so the axles aren't a direct swap. You can swap in the complete mustang axle and maintain the same track width. I rebuilt an 8.8 out of a 95 Mustang to sway into my car, I just have to get around to do putting it in now.

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