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5 lug rear disc swap .......the easy way!!!
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Ok I have been trying to figure out a way to swap to 5 lug rear disc, Without special brackets or a total rearend swap. I have been to the bobbit write up on Lincoln and Cadillac components,great info, but could it be easier.

This is what I did and it lets you keep your stock track width!

1.The TC rear and a SN95 rear are the same width, so use any v6 or v8 axles from a 94-95 Mustang. 96-98 I think are the same also.???

2.Go to your partstore of choice and ask for a set of front rotors from a 1990 Mazda MPV minivan with a v6 engine NON 4WD.

3.Ok the original TC 4 lug rotors have a 2-5/16" offset. The new Mazda rotors are 5 lug with a rotor offset of 2-7/16" offset. Now you can machine 1/8" wheel spacers to put between the axle and the rotor. This moves the new Mazda rotor back into center alignment with the caliper.


Just get some 1/8" washers and put behind the new mazda rotor and you have the same result for a lot less money.This is the easiest way I have found to swap over to 5 lug rear disc and keep the original housing with no special brackets.
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do not put washers behind the rotors.when you tighten down the rotor once or twice it will warp the rotor center.i had a truck in my shop a few months ago(f-350)that someone had been putting the wrong rotors on and had been shimming the rotors with would warp out in a few weeks.i put the right rotors on and no more problems.the wheel spacers would be better if you have a long enough axle flange to support the rotor and spacer.
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Are those Mazda rotors vented or solid? What is their overall diameter? And yes 94-98 SN-95 axles are the same length.

Do you have any pics?

This sounds like a great alternative to retaining the factory rear brake setup and converting to 5-Lug. Nice info.
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the Mazda rotors are vented as they are for the front of the Mazda.
it soudns easy as long as you can find a spacer that fits inside the rotor and all
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Just buy these and the washers aren't an issue.

Yes the Mazda rotors are vented.
This also allows you to keep the stock TC e-brake cables and brake lines.
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When are you crazy kids going to learn to use the 91-92 Mark VII rotors and axels? They bolt up.....oh, cause they're the 5 lug version of the 87-88 brakes.
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Scout, check your PMs
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Thanks. Pete I have changed my email to [email protected] This is my priority email.
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what about 7.5 rear ends? or does the 87-88 have 7.5s to?
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87's & 88's have 8.8 rears.
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