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Hey guys,well well best friend josh FINALLY decided to race me the other day in is 92 GT 5.0 (yes DAN the one that was with me the other day) anyway, its got GT-40 intake, short throw shifter, 70 mm TB, Mac cold air intake(K&N in fenderwell) and i think thats about it... well anyway, we started from a stop light and i got him by about 3 car lengths...then highway i left him pretty bad...all in all it was fun, but he hates that his v8 cant take my "lil ole 4 banger" lol, aint it great?? i guess that goes to show you "its all fun and games till a 5.0 goes down...then its frikkin halarious!!!" take it easy guys.
85 Turbocoupe. 5-speed.
Mods- single 2.5 inch exaust with highflow cat and Apex bullit muffler, Saab 9000 front mount IC,Centerforce II clutch kit, Gillis BV set at 19psi,K&N on VAM, Hurst shorthrow shifter.
BEST ET-(1/8)-9.7 @71.9 mph

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What do you got in your car

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Just wait until your friend smartens up and puts some 3.73's in the rear of his mustang [Image: smile.gif] A buddy of mine is running consistent 13.6's with a similar setup in his 89 GT but with 3.73 rear gears and underdrive pulleys, minus the GT-40 intake.
Estoril blue 1987 TC 5spd, 148k mi, a237, Bailey BOV, spec stg3 clutch, spearco FMIC, 50 trim t3/t4, 3" exhaust, Bamafuel, LM1, 55pph
Best 1/4 mile: 12.31 @ 110mph on 25psi

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LoL! I would run ya in my 5.0 tbird, and probably give u a good run. But good win man, hard for me to say that when in a big v8 fan. Was hoping to get a 351 and drop a single or maybe twin T54 garret's on it whenever i get the money. But good win bro

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