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3G alternator from PA performance or AutoZone?
JLockhart Offline
I’m trying to decide whether to spend get my 3G alternator from PA Performance or AutoZone. The cost will be about the same after the core charge and purchasing a new stator plug for the AutoZone unit. The reason I’m thinking of going with the AutoZone unit is because of the lifetime warrantee. If the unit goes out, I can just pull into the nearest AutoZone and get a free replacement. Any input would be appreciated.

Recently my girlfriend borrowed my TC and it died on her. Turns out she just ran the battery so low that the car died. She was running the headlights + foglights, a/c and wipers at a red light. I’m used to keeping the rpms up in that situation without thinking about it and that’s why it’s never happened to me. I have been putting this off because I get free replacements from Pep Boys (about 1 -2 per year for the last 9 years), but now I’m ready to shell out $200 to get a decent alternator and install it per Jeff K’s tech article.

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AZ alternators, starters, etc, are JUNK, IMO. What good is a lifetime warranty if it dies and leaves you stranded every 6 months. Sure, you get a free replacement, but what about the hassle of being stranded, etc.

The PA Perf alternators are 100% brand new (I think even the cases are new). I say go with the PA Performance!

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

88 Turbo Coupe: Intake and exhaust mods, T3 turbo at 24 psi, forced air IC, water injection, BPV, Ranger cam, subframes, etc., etc.
86 Tbird 5.0 (original owner): intake, exhaust, valvetrain mods, 100 HP N2O, ignition, gears, suspension, etc., etc.
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I got to agree with Jeff. lifetime warrenty is great. Changing the alternator, starter or whatever every 3-6 months isn't great, nor is being stranded, towed or what ever. Give me a reliable part over one almost guarented to fail, liftetime warrenty or not.
Pete Dunham


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PA stuff is also lifetime warrantied, and they sent me a note a while ago, that PEP Boys is now carrying their stuff.

I bought from PA and would do it again in a heartbeat. The gave me the right parts to make it work, it bolted right in, and its works.

Bob Myers

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