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2940pounds of turbocoupe, cams,etc...
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Well, I was finally bold enough to venture a little ways from home in my 88turbocoupe. I just recently put it back together and considering how much of the thing is new, I haven't had the confidence to cruise it farther then a few miles from my garage, that and an open down pipe is pretty loud, plus here in northern IL its only recently warmed up to the 40's, and without any heat, IT SUCKS.
About 40minutes from my garage are these certified CAT scales, so I went there topped off my gas tank and weighed my car, 2940lbs. Awesome. This has me very excited, specially considering I still have the stock seats and the stock fan assembly.
So far I have about 200miles on my fresh motor. After solving my boost problems the thing runs like a bad mofo. I've spooled it up to around 17psi and it pulls real hard, I've had my fingers crossed and so far my ebay turbo has me thoroughly impressed. Good riddance IHI. So far my only problems have been with the few parts I didn't replace. I blew apart a timing belt tensioner two weeks ago and last night my slave cylinder decided to go into retirement, fortunately both times it broke happened right in front of my garage.
Next up is to finally replace my stock fuel pump before I get too crazy with the boost, and I have a friend who is selling me his automotorsport cam. This is the one Martin came up with a while back. I don't know if anyone else has used it, or if you all just use the ranger cam or the A237? Either way I know it's an improvement over the ranger cam I have now. I remember when Martin came up with that cam, a lot of people gave him some crap, I don't remember if it was over the price or maybe people thought the 237 was better, I dont know? I do know, he gave me a ride in his Merk that had one, and the thing seriously ripped.
So I thought I'd turn lurk mode off, and post for once, and see if anyone else has put their turbocoupes on a diet? Whether anyone knew the weight of a stock turbo coupe seat? And just what cams everyone was using?
One more thing, is it just me, or is everyone else out there dying for some warm weather, this whole winter thing sucks. I'm anxious for sun , some freakin'warmth, t-shirts, windows down, scantily-clad women, green grass, Cubbies baseball, and some sticky asphault.
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Darryl, good to hear from you again. Let me just say I got ccaaabbiinn feevveeerrrrr real bad. Are you going to bring it to Carlisle this year?

I'm not sure what the seats themselves weigh but the power seat bases, only, weigh 22 each. Nice work on you weight reduction program. Any chance you could do a writeup on some of th ethings you did. I know there are others that would be very interested.

I run the A237. It OK on top but hurts down low. I like the design philosophy behind Martin's cam but haven't had any experience with it.
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Holy Poop! That's light for an much have you stripped it?

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Geez! what did you do to that thing to get it so low?
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That is geting there on weight. I have heard rumors that one stock power TC leather seat with lumbar weighs around 90 lbs. I would also like to know what you have done to take weight off. I know it can be done but want to know what it took to get to that weight and what you still have to strip.

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#6 83 is "portly" at about 3400#(with driver) (but lighter than my buddies 87 GT Mustang). However, I have a full interior with 2 power seats and a cage...

Anyway, I'm just curious....

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I weighed a few things last year with a digital scale.
Here they are;

My drivers power seat 64.5 lbs
Pass seat non power 50.3
rear seat back 20.2
rear seat bottom 12.
spare tire 31.2
scissor jack 6.
wrench 1.9
stock whl and michelin
tire with air 49.2
stock snow flake 22.6
twin electric fans 12.1
ranger clutch fan 3.3
E6 manifold 13.8
another E6 12.6

I also weighed drive shaft, diff weight and few other things but can't remember #'s.

I removed over 30 lbs stereo gear and if the damn AC ever leaks it's gone.
One of these days my cars gonna be light.
It needs some frontal reduction though, it's got a beer belly like me.
Maybe a flip front end with scoop right above IC. [Image: wink.gif]
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Darrel, how much did you have gut to get down to 2940? Is this with or w/o driver.

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I would love to know. Sounds like just what my car needs.

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Let us know.. did you remove all stereo and wiring and carpet etc..

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