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255 Fuel pump?
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If I could get an 86-93 Mustang fuel pump cheap enough, would it fit?

Thanks, James


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This is the pump a few of us on the board(including me) are running:

It'll certainly fit. Very minor trimming (easy enough to do with a handsaw or a good pair of shears) of the stock rubber isolator sleeve is required if you want to use the new filter, or you can just buy the "correct" filter from Ford. You'll also need a new pump-bracket to tank O-ring because the one supplied in the kit is too small (about 2" diameter for the mustang). Other than that, the installation is a peice of cake. Just make sure you have as little gas in the tank as possible before dropping it. Dropping the tank is one thing, but getting it back up there and lined up by yourself is a hell of a backache. I'd also suggest buying the kirban adjustable fpr at the same page while you're at it. It does wonders for smoothing up acceleration and allowing a bit of tinkering at different boost settings. Here's the link for that, too:

Good luck

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